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Is Bay View a private beach?

  • Bay View Beach is a private beach and is available to all homeowners within the association limits. Each home is provided with one beach tag and can be used by homeowners and their families or guests. Beach homes that are rental properties must provide the tenants of the property the use of a beach tag.

If I reside outside of the association limits, can I buy a membership in order to use the beach?

  • Unless you live in the geographical confines of the Bay View Beach Association, we are sorry but you are unable to join. Bay View Improvement Association members pay an additional property tax every year. Contact the City Of Milford for a list of City Beaches.

When is garbage, recycling, yard waste and bulk pickup?

Can I drive a golf cart in BVIA?

  • Per the Milford Police Department: Municipalities, more specifically the legal traffic authority (L.T.A) of said municipality MAY authorize use of golf carts on specified municipality roadways when statutory criteria has been satisfied (i.e. speed limit under, lighting, flags etc).   For further clarification please contact Milford, CT Police Department:  430 Boston Post Road Milford, CT  203 878-6551

Where is the nearest dog park?

Where is the nearest Farmer's Market?

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